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Babel Tours, IRAQ : Accomodation

Babel Tours is here to do everything it can to help you enjoy a high-quality tour to Iraq. The relationships we are developing with those in charge of the tourism infrastructures mean that we can provide you with services offering the best value for money.

Hotels, transport, guides, car with driver, bookings for meetings or conferences: these are examples of the types of services that Babel Tours can provide in whole Iraq.

In becoming the first tour operator in Iraq and offering its services to travellers of all nationalities wishing to visit Iraq, Babel Tours is developing a logistical network that will enable you, with complete peace of mind, to discover a country and a region in which the human, cultural and natural treasures far exceed all expectations.


The vast majority of Iraq becomes an area that you can visit with complete peace of mind, in complete safety. Babel Tours' draws on its extensive local knowledge to ensure that your tours only take place in regions that are absolutely safe, so that you can visit them with complete peace of mind and in complete safety. Babel Tours will only propose circuits in regions of Iraq once they have achieved a perfect level of security.


The largest towns in Iraq can offer comfortable hotels as well as a few luxury establishments. We are developing our ties with all the hotels which propose satisfactory services, which meet health and safety standards, and which have a license issued by the authorities.

The desire of Babel Tours is to allow high-quality exchanges between peoples of different religions and cultures and it will therefore never exclude a service provider for religious reasons. The selection criteria we employ to guarantee the quality of your stay in Iraq will always be tailored to your specific needs and to the service providers capable of offering the best services at the best price.

For the time being, we cannot give an on-line list of hotels with whom Babel Tours is working, so for all requests concerning what is available or for bookings, please click here.