About Us - Babel Tours, IRAQ tours : Who are we?

Babel Tours – Who are we?

Babel Tours is a new tour operator. The primary aim of the agency is to welcome tourists and travellers visiting Iraqi Kurdistan. The agency is located a few kilometres from the centre of Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan, and just a few minutes from the international airport, in the commercial quarter of the town of Ankawa, a prosperous city currently enjoying sustained development. Babel Tours offers high-quality services to all those who wish to come from around the world and discover the cultural and natural riches of Iraq.

Babel Tours was built together by French and Iraqi Operators who devote their expertise, professionalism and commitment to this meeting of cultures. All types of tours are accepted, irrespective of the religion and origin of the travellers, provided that they respect both the country and its authorities and provided that they are also able to accept the full human diversity of Iraq.

Babel Tours proposes tours accompanied by guides throughout the Country. The agency is able to offer all types of services for tourists: hotel bookings, transport, guides for trips to a particular town. Based on a network of skilled personnel and extensive local knowledge, Babel Tours offers you a chance to discover Iraq in complete safety and peace of mind.